Ducting Solutions and MEP Services

Dasmal International, is one of the most prominent manufacturers of ducting and ducting accessories in the Oman.
The company’s primary principle is based on offering its customers high-quality, customized ducting solution, all of which that are delivered to them on time.

Plasma Cutting Machine

CNC Plasma Cutting Machine, It’s a high speed plasma cutting machine for quality metal processing features a new Spiro PC based control system. The machine comes with a large color touchscreen and of course the state of the art CAM – DUCT software, generates 3 Dimensional fittings into nested layouts with minimum wastages.

Auto Duct Former

It meets the needs of duct industry with its versatility in coil selection whether size or gauge or width or combination of two. Its comprehensive flattening station ensures the level sheets for duct forming on the machine, but also plain sheets for the production of fittings off line for plasma cutting.

Nuloc Auto Seam

The Nuloc Auto Seaming Machine does the longitudinal Seam from two raw edges to the finished seam. The preformed duct is laid into the “V” shaped guides with the open corner downwards, the leading end of the duct is clamped together to prevent any twist being formed, and is released from the clamp after the seam is completed.

Pittsburgh Unit

It rolls the female pocket on the back end of one blank and the male 90 degree edge on the leading edge of the next blank – in one single pass.

CGF1 Flange System

Continuous Girth Flange with rotary metal stitching, One side of the machine is capable of forming the 20mm CGF1 profile down one side of the machine and the 35mm CGF1 profile down the other, in a continuous process from hand fed blanks. The forming is achieved by means of a series of pairs of hardened steel forming rollers, the final forming stations of the 20 & 35mm CGF1 profiles perform a rivet less stitch operation to positively secure the free end of the flange.

Folding Machine

Special Folding Machine for Integral Flanged Duct and Plain Duct. It is a Stand Alone Hydraulic Folder machine, is a free standing 2 meter wide, and hydraulically powered which can accommodate both mild and galvanized sheet.